It is not easy to establish the list of computers and the configuration I've ever owned. However, I think it's interesting to list them and some computer newbie might interested in those computers in the past before.


  TI 99/4A
(Texas Instrument)

Do you know what computer it is? I'm sure most people have never heard about it. Today, how many personal computer platform you know? Mac and PC. However, at that time, there are many home or personal computer platform: Atari, TRS-80, Commodore, Texas Instrument, IBM PC, Apple and etc.

It was a nice computer and we had some fancy goodie on it: a language synthesize. My dad got it for us to learn English. Do you think it really helped? Thank god I didn't learn any ancent from it.

I was 10 years old and it was the first time I did programming : GBasic (I'm not sure the name).

  Apple //e compatible

I love this computer and it has ultimate influence on me.


Z80 card
80 column + 64K extended memory card
Printer card + Espon LX800 Dot Matrix Printer
2 280K half-size floppy disk
Copy card
Normandie Green Monitor
Several black box joysticks (like those in arcade center)

  Intel 286-20

I have 2 286 motherboard, one is headland and other I forgot.



Intel 486-SX40

Intel 486-SX36

Intel 386DX

  Intel Pentium 120 (o/c 90) CTX 17" Monitor
  Intel Celeron 450 (o/c 300A) MAG 17" Monitor
  AMD Duron 850-950 (o/c 600) Compaq MV920 19" Monitor

My Joystick/Joypad Collection

Apple //e joystick
A flighting joystick
Black Box Joystick

Gravix Xterminator
Microsoft Gamepad Pro Freestyle
Indianapolis 500 Vibration Feedback Racing Wheel
Transculent USB Gamepad
DEXXA USB Flight Joystick
Wingman Precicion Gamepad