Lethal Strike

After the 6-year service, finally I decided to shutdown my BBS. The rapid expansion and popularity of Internet makes there is no longer need for a BBS which can support only one user per phone line at a time. The limited file and mail exchange function of BBS is outdated. Users can always get the newest software from Internet and send and recieve messages through personal email or newsgroups. Also, the effort of maintaining a updated BBS is really demanding. It's much more easier to maintain a web page. When I can afford, may be I will setup an Internet BBS Lethal Strike again, goodbye BBS world!

Lethal Strike has been opened since July 1991, one of oldest BBS in Hong Kong. It is a non-profit making BBS and no membership fee is required, absolutely free in any sense. The aims of Lethal Strike are to provide mail service, echo messages within BBS community and Internet E-mail began at 7/95, and exchange of newest softwares. It imports newest sharewares from Internet directly or from other networks such as the newest ViruScan from McAfee Company, Netscape Navigator and etc. Also, it contains large quantities online or offline Hong Kong popstars image.

Currently, Lethal Strike provides more than 200 messages area from different BBS networks to suit different interests of users.

The BBS newtworks joined:

Hey, don't call it again.  It's history.


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